Hue + rwe + oh2


I have the RWE Smarthome, a couple of HUE’s and getting to know OH2.
Currently I use a movement-sensor in RWE to set my HUE lights to a pre-defined setting.

Now when I’m using OH2 (habpanel amongs others); would you advise to define the HUE settings in OH2 and only use a parameter to exchange info from the RWE Smarthome (like movement sensor); or is it better to define the HUE settings in RWE and only import the parameter from habpanel. It’s still a bit confusing for me what the best approach would be.

Hi @Marijn_Oudijk,
if I am getting you right you are uncertain if OH2 or RWE (innogy) should be the “leading” (controlling) system for the hues, correct? I have been in a similar situation before I switched from RWE to the ZWave platform. As long as you are using the RWE motion sensor, I would recommend to let RWE trigger the hues, because I’ve made the experience that it will take some time (not much, but still some time) to update the states of the sensors from RWE in OH - this does not happen immediately. Hence, it will take more time to trigger the hues when OH2 is doing it.
Of course this is only my advice as long as you don’t need to build complex rules that cannot be handled by the RWE controller.
But maybe others have made different experiences. :slight_smile:

@philKrylc What kind of day are you experiencing?
I’m thinking of setting the critical hue’s up in rwe and the others in OH. I could live e with 0.5 sec - 1 sec.