Hue Tap Dial Switch - use rotating bezel

Hi !

I bought one of the new Philips Tab Dial Switches

The integration of the four buttons in openHAB has worked well and equivalent to a normal dimmer switch (Dimmer Switch State channel goes 1002,2002, etc.)
Unfortunately, I do not manage to integrate the status of the rotating ring in openHAB. By default, there is no channel in which the rotation information is transmitted to openHAB.

Does anyone know this problem, has a solution or at least a workaround?

Best regards Michael

Doesn’t a dimmer work??

What do you mean by a dimmer?
My goal is to receive the rotating bezel information in openHAB and then do the dimming of lights (or whatever) by an openHAB rule.

Best Regards Michael

A dimmer is a device that you can adjust to increase or reduce something. Volume, brightness, speed. So on.
That “rotating” device is a dimmer. So when you rotate to one side, it reduces the brightness, and to the other, it increases.
So I would create a dimmer channel in openHAB to receive the values from the rotation knob.

So you suggest adding a dimmer point manually that is linked to a channel … but what is the name of the channel?

Why… are you using the text gui… anyway. Nevermind, show me that first channel you have first, the dimmer switch. What does that one do?

The Dimmer Switch State gives the state of pressed buttons according to the Table given in Philips Hue - Bindings | openHAB (1000,1001,1002 and so on)
but is not affected by the rotation knob.

Okay so the clicks work. Got it.
Check the logs - when you rotate what command is being sent?

Hi, I observe the same behaviour. Interestingly, pushing the buttons, I get entries in the event log as e.g.

2022-11-25 18:25:46.523 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘Hue_Dial_Marcus_DimmerSchalter’ changed from 2000.0 to 2002.0

However, turning the dial, no entry is shown in the event log.