Hue, Wrong Status


I installed openHAB2 Last Beta on my rasbperry3. I made the configuration with PaperUI.
Then I create my own things and sitemaps. But in ClassicUI and ModernUI the status of my bulbs often is wrong. Some icons show the bulb is on, but the bulb is off and the switch shows that this bulb is off. And when I use the slider to on/off a bulb the slider dont change.
What can I change??


I installed the last snapshot, same problems…

What do you mean by “creating your own things”? Do you define them manually? If so, why don’t you use the hue binding’s automated thing discovery?

Hallo, I made this items:

Switch Whg_Flur_Schlaf_Switch “Flurlampe Schlafzimmer” (gWhgLicht) { channel=“hue:0100:xxx0178821ff14:8:brightness” }
Dimmer Whg_Flur_Schlaf “Flurlampe Schlafzimmer” (gWhgLicht) { channel=“hue:0100:xxx:8:brightness” }

And put this in the sitemap. Is this wrong?

Your channel definition of the items indeed looks strange. Have you followed the documentation (

You have different bridge IDs in both items. One is xxx017 and so on, the other is only xxx. Or is this just for masking it here?

Have you made an automatic discovery of the HUE bridge (and the bulbs as things) with PaperUI? Are the bulbs listed as “online” in PaperUI? Have you c&p the correct channels from PaperUI (that’s the most easiest way)?