HueBinding: Alert and ColorLoop not working for rooms

I have a running setup of the Hue Binding with all my bulbs. Since the Hue binding did not import Rooms from the Hue bridge in previous versions, I have used groups to “simulate” the rooms in Openhab.

The 4 bulbs of my dining room are in one group and the group supports the same channels as the single bulbs:

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gDiningRoomOnOff "Esszimmer An/Aus" (gGroundFloorOnOff)
Group:Dimmer:MAX gDiningRoomDimmer "Esszimmer Dimmer" (gGroundFloorDimmer)
Group:Color:OR(ON,OFF) gDiningRoomColor "Esszimmer Farbe" (gGroundFloorColor)
Group:Dimmer:MAX gDiningRoomColorTemp "Esszimmer Farbtemperatur" (gGroundFloorColorTemp)
Group:String gDiningRoomAlert "Esszimmer Alarm" (gGroundFloorAlert)
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gDiningRoomColorLoop "Esszimmer Farbschleife" (gGroundFloorColorLoop)

After upgrading to Openhab 2.5.4 I noticed that the Hue Binding now also imports the rooms from the Hue Bridge. Despite my old setup with the groups still works, I wanted to convert the groups and use the rooms defined in the Hue Bridge:

Switch LightDiningRoom_OnOff "Esszimmer An/Aus" (gDiningRoomOnOff) { channel="hue:group:001788636e1a:2:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom_Dimmer "Esszimmer Dimmer" (gDiningRoomDimmer) { channel="hue:group:001788636e1a:2:color" }
Color LightDiningRoom_Color "Esszimmer Farbe" (gDiningRoomColor) { channel="hue:group:001788636e1a:2:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom_ColorTemp "Esszimmer Farbtemperatur" (gDiningRoomColorTemp) { channel="hue:group:001788636e1a:2:color_temperature" }
String LightDiningRoom_Alert "Esszimmer Alarm" (gDiningRoomAlert) { channel="hue:group:001788636e1a:2:alert" }
Switch LightDiningRoom_ColorLoop "Esszimmer Farbschleife" (gDiningRoomColorLoop) { channel="hue:group:001788636e1a:2:effect" }

This works, except for the Alert and the ColorLoop.
So does someone know if rooms do not support these Alert and ColorLoop? Or do I have a mistake somewhere?
The log file does not show any errors…