[hueemulation] Way too many devices discovered!

S1585. @David_Graeff, I’m testing out the new version. I had used the previous versions and have 84 Items (and groups) tagged with Switchable, Lighting, or ColorLighting. /api/status shows 77 lights and 501 sensors. It looks like I have to tag 494 Items with ‘internal’ to prevent them from being discovered!

The documentation is not very clear on this, but this is my understanding of when Items will be discovered…

  1. If they have a Lighting category
  2. If they have a Switchable, Lighting, or ColorLighting tag
  3. NOT if they are tagged with internal

Why were the following Items discovered, as it doesn’t seem to follow the strategy outlined in the doc (these are just a few random examples of the 494)…

Number    Outside_Patio_US_Bedroom_Dimmer_Scene           "US Bedroom: Patio: Scene [%d]"                       <text>      (gOutside,gScene)                                                                         {channel="zwave:device:073540a2:node28:scene_number"}
Number 	Lock_Workshop_Battery 	                    "Workshop: Battery [%d %%]" 			                        <energy>	    (gWorkshop,gDoorLock,gBattery) 					                                                                                {channel="zwave:device:073540a2:node132:battery-level"}
Number  Energy_Usage_Monthly                "Last 30-day Energy Usage [%.0f kWh]"           <energy>    (gHEM1)
Dimmer  US_MasterBedroom_Kodi_Volume            "Kodi (Upstairs Bedroom) Volume [%d]"                     <soundvolume>      (gKodi_Bedroom_Upstairs)                               { channel="kodi:kodi:bedroomupstairs:volume" }
Group	                                gGarageDetached	                            "Garage Detached"	                                    <garage>	        (gOutside)

This is way too ‘greedy’ (as you put it in the doc) for me. I want none of my Items to be discovered unless specifically tagged, like it was before. I tried clearing the ignoreItemsWithTags in the hope that an empty list would pick up Items without tags, but I wasn’t so lucky :slightly_frowning_face: .

Also, why doesn’t the Hue-Type depend on the Item type?

There are no tag restrictions for sensors in place that is correct. At the moment everything that looks like a sensor is exposed.

I wanted to add tags for sensors but we needed to hurry with the merge to finish the migration.

I’ll come back to it, but busy with another openhab topic rn.

OK, thank you. I lost the last version of the binding before the 2.4 updates, but have an older one that is working for now.

Hi everbody,

I updated my whole setup from Ri3+ openhab 2.4 to RPi4 openhab 2.5.1.
The main reason updating to openhab 2.5.1 was that alexa can’t control the hue emulated device anymore.

After all work was done, I tagged only 5 items of 200 with the “Ligthing” tag.
I read already that the hue emulaiton service exposed everything in Version 2.5.
But should it not ignore the items which are tagged as “internal”?
Tagged items with internal where also exposed.

Why the hue emulation cant works like in Verison 2.4 where only the tagged item where exposed??
There is open issue, but the last post is from july

Can anybody help me to expose alexa only the 5 zwave items.

Only tagged items are exposed for me… tag with lighting and /or switchable then go run discovery.

OK, I moved forward to tagged items will be discovered by alexa.

I remove hueemulation from addons.cfg
Delete all config files related to hueemulation
Restart Openhab
Install hueemulation from Paperui
Start pairing
And forward port 80 to 8080

Now I have the problem that ID are mixed between the hue emulation and the hue hub.
I want to turn on a hue bulb (like “alexa, turn on dinning room”) instead a hue emulated item turns on (like living room)

Any ideas, what I’m doing wrong.

I found this for tasmota. Looks like two tasmota hue emulated device have the same problem.

A workaround is explained here

But this comment tells that the issue in on alexa site.

Is it?

HueEmulation creates an internal mapping of your Thing Channels to numbers.
If you reinstall hue emulation (= purging that mapping) a new one is created.

The Hue protocol identifies lights purely by those numbers. The only way to solve this is to perform a rediscovery on all your Hue protocol using devices like Alexa, Google Home, Logitech harmony etc. This is nothing that can be “fixed” on OHs side. Alexa is particularly stubborn and you probably need to remove devices one by one.

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I got it. Now my setup is running with all emulated and real hue items.

I already use the hue binding to control the real hue items with OH.
I tagged these items also as “lighting”. Use the Hue emulation to make them discoverable for alexa.

Discover all tagged items with alexa.
Delete the item in alexa which are from the hue bridge.

After that there are no conflict with the ids.

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