Huge discounts for Eimsig window sensors

Just a quick note for anyone interested: I always found the eimsig window sensors interesting but a bit expensive. They offer a huge discount (40€ instead of 150€ for the BLE model for example but there are also big discounts for the EnOcean models) right now so I will try them out now.

I am not saying these are not good, but you can get SONOFF or Xiaomi sensors for less than EUR10 at the normal “not-on-sale” price.

Of course you can, but please compare, those cannot be hidden in the frames.

There are just a couple with such feature and they are really expensive.

Then indeed it isn’t an apples to apples comparison. I learned something new today!

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They’re not working on my windows :sob: I don’t have enough space to fit them in the frame unfortunately (Siegenia windows).

I cannot close the window with the sensor attached.