Humidity/Fan rule question

I’m going to set a create a simple rule (or two) to turn on the bathroom fan when the humidity sensor is over 70 and turn off when below 65. I’m planning on using Humidity Example as a guide.

My question is, when the sensor goes above 70 and then continuously rises will it constantly send ON commands and conversely every time it goes below 65 will it continuously send OFF commands?

Should I build in a check for when it goes above 70 to first check if the fan is OFF and if so send ON else do nothing (and vice versa for shutting off)?

Hello Matthew

Of corse, you can add this check, but it itsn’t needed.
When the fan is running and he get the command on, he runs…

May you want to know, if the fan is running but the humidity is anhow raising, then you need this check.

I hope this helps…


I understand an ON command while the fan is running won’t stop the fan. I’m not sure if getting constantly sent ON commands is good for the system or if there is a better way.

It shouldn’t have any impact on the fan to continuously send it ON or OFF commands. But if you are worried about it, just add the check like you suggested in your first post.