Humidity items units/format changed after OH4 upgrade

Hi, I’m on OH4 w/openhabian on a rpi4 and after the upgrade to OH4 I noticed that items I’m using to report humidity no longer report a percentage. They are now reporting in a format like ‘0 one’ rather than a percentage. These items are all configured as semantic class = measurement, semantic property = humidity, and type = number:dimensionless. And I’ve not changed these settings from OH3.4 (where the percentage was reported correctly) to OH4.

Any thoughts on how to correct?
Thanks in advance

Do not upgrade without reading the list of breaking changes. OH 4.0 M3’s announcement included:

Please note that there is a breaking change wrt units of measurement - so before doing the update, please read the section in the release notes about this carefully.

tl;dr: you need to run the upgrade tool and in cases where you’ve never defined State Description patterns you need to add unit metadata.

Thx. The fix was to simply use % as the setting in the units metadata for my humidity items. My problem was the metadata change was only enacted after clearing my cache. Once cache was cleared all is fine.


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