Hunter BTT 100 Bluetooth Irrigation timer

Hello Friends,

Does anyone know if OpenHAB can control the Hunter BTT 100 Bluetooth Irrigation timer?

I would like to use it to water my balcony plants.

Thanks for your help.

For the most pat openHAB has very little direct support for BT devices. For things like MiFlora people typically will run a third party script that publishes the information to OH using MQTT.

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Thanks for the help.
Sounds like, for the time being, I should just use a non-smart irrigation timer.

Hi Miki,

Just wonder if you try to connect the BTT to Openhab through Bluetooth?
I will appreciate your tips from your experience of using BTT with or without Openhab.


Hi Yehuda,
I bought a “simple” non-Bluetooth irrigation timer. I’m sorry I can’t be of help.