Hunter Douglas Top-Down, Bottom-Up shades

I just installed four Luxaflex blinds from hunter douglas. Two normal (top-down) blinds and two of the more recent top-down, bottom up design.

What is the process to get this to work with Open Hab - I guess that each of these blinds will report two positions.


Can you provide some more info of them? How are they controlled? Wired or wireless? Links are usefull too.

They are shown here in the website:

I have them working wirelessly through the iOS app and the latest version of the PowerView hub. The OpenHAB app detects these blinds, but the controls are not right - showing blind position and vane position but it should be blind top and blind bottom. The control so far does not trigger any blind movement though.

For more technical information, that will have to wait as I am travelling this week. But please let me know how I can assist.


I assume that you have the hunter douglas binding installed and that doesn’t function properly? Start by examining logs to find any warnings related to the binding.