Hyperion Binding

Hi there,

i´m new to this Community. My Name is Heiko and i live in Zirndorf / Germany. I have an openhabian 2.2 running on a Raspberry Pi 3. I have successfully integrated my Milight LED, Harmony Hub, Astro Binding and weather forecast. Next thing i want to integrate is my Hyperion Ambilight. I saw the hyperion-Binding in the documentary, but its not available in the paper ui addon folder. Where / how can i install the Hyperion Binding? I found it on GitHub but there is no .jar file to download.

Can you help me out?

Thanks and greetings…


btw. there is also a new “Logitech Harmony Hub v2” Binding which i can’t found either (i have installed the “Harmony Hub v1 Binding” which works fine at the moment).

Is there an update comming soon to make these bindings visible in the Addons-Folder of paper ui???

Welcome and have fun :heart_eyes:

You need to do that through the market place, that binding is not yet part of the official distribution:


Should be there: