I am attempting to synchronize scene settings on multiple Leviton VRC4 4-zone controllers

These devices look like a handful :laughing:

Well that is somewhat positive. I read that as on-off-on. From the log is seems to be sending a value with “On” but maybe no message with off. I wonder what sending OFF would do in the rule? would it allow the scene to be sent again on the first press. (is that what you are trying to do?)

The best is to ignore the events log and just use the zwave debug. There is a viewer here that makes it easier to read.

I don’t quite understand this. The channels are updated after a message is received from the device. The XML is really to get the zwave messages displayed properly in OH.

edit: I would also add you can use zwave-js-ui with OH if that appeals. Unlike OH, scenes are not persisted, but I do not know if that will help or hurt your situation.