I can read modbus data via TCP with sdongle-a05 but inverter no longer sends data to FusionSolar server


I added the Huawei sDongle-A05 to SUN2000-6ktl-l1 inverter and I can read modbus data via TCP port 502. The problem is that FusionSolar Mobile App complains of 'Abnormal communication between management system and equipment". I’m not seeing any data going out to their cloud server from inverter or dongle. I can connect locally to the inverter by using its AP WiFi.

Currently on my router I have 2 IP addresses 1 for inverter and 1 for sDongle Wifi but neither seems to send data to Huawei FusionSolar cloud server.

Can you get both running or it’s a limitation ? Ideal would be to have modbus tcp + fusionsolar cloud server both receiving data.

Hi @wandereq,

it is only a assumption: Maybe you cannot retrieve data from both parts. I would try to deactivate the inverter.


I solved by using FusionSolar Mobile App > Me > Plant Management > Devices > + (add device) > Scan QR code of the Dongle and do a Quick Setup for recommisioning the devices.
So Dongle + Inverter works fine and I can get data via port 502 on Dongle IP address.

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