I can’t find ”Serial Port” in Paper-UI to pick my Aeotec Z-Stick gen 5 as a controller

I am more or less a total beginner with raspberry pi and openhab. I have looked around for my problem but have not yet found the solution.

I can’t find ”Serial Port” in Paper-UI to pick my Aeotec Z-Stick gen 5.

I have installed openhabian on my Raspberry Pi 3+ and added Z-Way add-on via Paper-UI.

I have also checked that I have /dev/ttyAMCM0 after added my Z-Stick.

My Z-stick is blinking.

I have used the commands below:

adduser openhab dialort

adduser openhab tty

When I now go to Paper-UI - Configuration - Things - I can not choose any serial port or Z-stick controller.

I can only choose Z-Way Binding and then ”Add manually” and can then choose:

Z-Wave Device

Z-Way Server

Z-Wave Virtual Device.

I know that I should ”Before the binding can be used, a serial adapter must be added. This needs to be done manually. Select Serial ZStick, and enter the serial port.” but cant find it.

Why cant I see any serial settings or pick my Z-stick in the Papper-UI?

Do you see the same with the Z-Wave binding?

Yes I do.
Should my Z-stick serial port show up here?

I did the command: dmesg | grep tty

No, you will need to manually add the zwave controller Thing (I’m not familiar with the Z-Way binding), and then select the serial port from the dropdown when configuring it. You should not use both of these bindings at the same time… at least not configured to use the same controller.

Thanks for your reply Scott. When I choose - Configuration - Things - Add Manually - I automaticly redirects to the “Inbox” and Z-Way binding as you can see in my previous post.
In the print screen below I thought that I should find the possibility to add my serial controller instead on being redirected to the screen earlier (Inbox - Z-Way Binding - Choose Thing)
I still don’t get where I can pick my Z-stick Serial Controller?

This is normal. You then need to select the binding that you want to create the Thing for. The Thing will be created, and you will find an option to configure the serial port, which will specify which device you are configuring the Thing for.

I found the misstake Scott! I have picked the wrong Binding (Z-Way) when I should have picked Z-Wave. As soon as I did that my Z-stick showed up right away as my controller :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience.

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