I can't found my sitemaps, items and things files OH3

I can’t found the configuration files of things.things, items.items etc
The folders is empty and my openhab sistem run ok.
Please, I don’t know how to found this files.

You only find items, things, rules in /etc/openhab subfolders like /etc/openhab/things, /etc/openhab/items, /etc/openhab/rules when their configuration is done in / via files. In case their configuration is done via the UI then you can find the configuration as part of files stored in /var/lib/openhab/jsondb/ .

I can edit and save this file?

Technically you could but you should not. Doing something wrong can break it.
Instead use the Main UI ( name of the user interface that is available via browser ).
Go to settings when being logged in as admin. There you can select each individual thing, item and change their configuration. Things, items are either configured via the Main UI or via files and then they only can be changed in the same way they were configured/setup.
In case you do not have any things, items configured yet you can do that in the things, items files.

One thing I’ll add is if you do decide to edit the file, you’ll need to stop OH first. Otherwise OH will overwrite your changes.

Also, one nice feature is backups are created on every change so it’s ready to go back of you need to. Those are in the backups folder underneath the jspndb folder.

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