I can't go to the web interface

I can’t go to the web interface. “Http: //openhabian:8080 /” does not work if you replace it with the ip address of the router or rasberri pi also does not work. Installed via belenaetcher with the latest system image.(OpenHAB 3.0.1).Install to raspberry pi. I am using google translate so the translation may not be correct

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Please be a little more specific about the hardware OpenHAB is installed on, what version and I’m guessing openhabian is the installation method, please confirm as well

OpenHAB 3.0.1.Install to raspberry pi.


no pi on the end… and no spaces

Did you monitor the setup?
Are you able to open a terminal on the raspi?

Yes, I tried it, I just copied the very first version of the connection tab that came across.

The installation was successful. I can open it, but there is a need for a password. But it is not.

If you haven’t changed anything the user and password is openhabian.
Although I don’t understand what you are trying to say with:

Tomorrow I will check. And even if I do, then how can I enter the interface in the browser?

Putting all your statements together, you probably can’t, although that would assume your installation did NOT run completely.

That is, you need to reinstall the OS?

Login to the system succeeded.

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