I can't view local url through myopenhab.org

I have a problem
I put a static local url in a HABpanel frame … like
http: \ 192.168.0.x:5432
I can see the html page in a browser directly on my openhab but not through myopenhab.org: the frame remains empty and I have no error code.

where am i wrong ???


I don’t use myopenhab.org but I think that your problem is that the cloud service cannot access your IP Address (which is on a private subnet in your LAN).

When you go to myopenhab.org, you are using an internet service. That service cannot connect to your 192.168.x.y IP.

If you access that page from your LAN it will work of course.

You could “publish” that URL to the internet in order to be reachable from the WAN.

ok, I understand it
thank you very much