I have RPi and Windows: What should be my main openhab2 editor?

I haven’t figured out how to run openhab2 designer on either my windows or my raspberry pi.
I see I can do some stuff from HabMin on my RPi but what editor can I use to do the heavy lifting?
Again, I only have RPi (Raspbian Linux on ARM) and Windows computers.

I just use vi but I’m a bit weird like that.
Basic text editors like nano should do the job and be available on the pi (and through ssh using putty on windows)

You can use the Eclipse Smarthome Designer there are just some limitations, that the Designer will give errors when there aren’t.

I have to second with vi. I personally like to edit my configs manually so I know what its doing. I tried designer once and I lost a bunch of my config data because of a bug. So I stick to manually editing.