I have two identical z-wave controllers. I can't make serial USB ports persistent via symlinks

I have two z-wave controllers installed (aeon stick). After the restart, the enumeration port ACMx of the sticks change randomly.The problem is that they have the same attributes (idVendor, idProduct, SerialNumber). Is there any solution for two sticks?

Why do you need two controllers in the same location? Do you have more than 255 devices? Would it make sense to host one of the controllers somewhere else?

I have devices on EU and US frequency.

@Ivan_Romanyuk did you ever sort this out? I am transitioning from a uzb to an aeotec and it will be while till all devices are moved over and my devices have identical details including {serial}

Shouldn’t serial number be different?

My advice here - read again about writing custom udev rules. Maybe you will be able to assign a port name based on USB socket which is in use. Every port in USB hub is identified thus you can try to use that method…

Best, Łukasz

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Something like this might work…