I’m curious: How is your sitemap organised?

The title says it all: I’m curious on how your sitemaps are organised.

To be precise:

  1. What principle is your structure following? Is it “function > place” or “place > function”? (e.g. “living room / AC” versus “AC’s / living room”)
  2. Do you have one Sitemap - or more than one (eg one for each floor)


My sitemap is organized as follows

First the floors of the house, within there the rooms and in every room all devices
Then I have separate sections extra;

  • Lightning - per room,
  • Devices per room,
  • Environment in there are temperatures, sun weather, humidity
  • Current energy use
  • Total energy use
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  1. I have both. First half is “place > function”, second half is “function > place”.
  2. One sitemap.

The most used stuff is at the top. Less used stuff is further down using subframes to hide details that are not always needed. And when I refer to most used, I mean the most used stuff when someone needs to actually open the sitemap. I try to make my home automation work without ever needing to open the sitemap so these are not necessarily the most used automations.

So we have the garage door openers at the top followed by lighting. Most of the time we only control all the lights as a Group. If we need to change an individual light we can enter the subframe.

Next we have the climate controls which includes the sensor readings needed in order to know how to change the climate controls. Much more detailed information including charts and the status of all sensors is in the subframe.

The rest of the sitemap is mostly just informational. It shows the family’s current locations, energy usage, the online status of services relevant to the home automation, presence detection, etc.


I use function>place most of the time.

Main page is simple and only shows important information and buttons.

Information pages behind that have more info and graphs etc.

Personally i like to have everything in 1 sitemap and use the frames to make subframes.
You can make a multiple subframes in 1 frame. So its handy for hiding stuff that you dont need that often.

I use a wall tablet to show the sitemap so i want everything as clean as possible on the first page. Behind that i can hide al the information.