I need Android APP the version of 1.7.1

I find that the version of my runtime is not the same as the Android App,Could anyone who have the version of 1.7.1 sends me a copy.Thanks a lot.

Apps only match major version of openHAB so any 1.7.x app would work with any 1.7.x openHAB.

That is my problem.Cause I am from China,I can’t get the APP,could you send me the 1.7.1 version.my e-mail is 976184773@qq.com.Tanks !

Why not downloading the apk directly if you don’t have access to the google play store?

Are you able to download <<<here>>>?

Or try a search engine and look for “habdroid” (that’s the newest)

Edit: Or take a look here for other download server

Thanks sihui ! I have got it from the link that you gave me.

You can always find the fresh build of Android app here:
The file you need is mobile-debug.apk