I need to know what language code is written in for OH3

Hello, newbie to coding so I apologise for any obvious questions. I am just starting to explore the possibilities of OpenHAB and I want to learn the scripting and coding aspects. My problem is I do not know what I need to learn. For example what language is used for writing widgets? Example below is from thermostat widget
- component: f7-block
class: thermostat
flex-shrink: 0
–f7-block-margin-vertical: 0px
–f7-block-padding-vertical: 0px
–f7-block-padding-horizontal: 0px
padding-left: 0px
padding-top: “=props.size ? ‘’: ‘100%’”
width: “=props.size ? Number(props.size)+‘px’ : ‘100%’”
height: “=props.size ? Number(props.size)+‘px’ : ‘100%’”
background: “=props.colorThermostat ? props.colorThermostat : ‘var(–f7-toggle-inactive-color)’”
border-radius: 50%
border: 2px solid rgb(64, 60, 77)

Where can I find descriptions of what these items relate to and properly understand their syntax. I am getting lost in a world of Java, Python, Jython, f7 etc.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I would recommend you, to have a look at the docs and learning with already existing widgets then:

Please do what Rainer suggests. To answer your specific questions though:

Part of openHAB Language Notes
core software Java You don’t have to write in Java to use openHAB but Rules will interact with some Java stuff on occasion
persistence config Custom Domain Specific Language (DSL) See the persistence docs
.items files Custom DSL See the Items docs
.things files Custom DSL See the Things docs and specific binding docs
.sitemap files Custom DSL See the sitemaps docs
JavaScript JavaScript, also called ECMAScript 5.1 See the JavaScript Transformation docs for more details
REGEX Regular Expressions In openHAB they work a little different from standard; the expression must match the full string and the first group is what is returned.
Map Same format as .ini files
XSLT eXtensible Sylt Sheet Langauge Transformation
XPath A query language for XML formatted documents
JSONPATH A query language for JSON formatted documents
Rules DSL Custom language similar to XTend One of the two default languages and the language of .rules files and when selecting Rules DSL as a language for a Script Action or Script Condition.
JavaScript See above One of the two default languages.
Python Jython 2.7 Requires an add-on to be installed.
Groovy Requires an add-on to be installed.
Blockly Graphical programming environment similar to Scratch defined JavaScript underneath the blocks.
Pages JavaScript, Vue, F7, CSS While these are the languages they are not really exposed directly to the users as is. Instead they are exposed to the user in YAML.
UI “code” tabs YAML Ain’t Markup Language Almost of the configs done through the UI will have a “Design” view and a “Code” view. When clicking on the “Code” view, the configuration is presented encoded in YAML.
JSONDB JSON formatted database All the configuration done through the UI gets saved encoded as JSON. You’ll only see this if you interact with the REST API or open the JSONDB files.

So, the code you pasted in above is a YAML encoding of the openHAB defined JSON data which is used to create and set the properties on F7 UI widgets.

It seems really complicated and overwhelming but no one needs to know all of the above. If you stick to the UI you probably only ever have to mess with two or three of the above.

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Thank you for you help, this is just what I needed

This is what I had been looking for but could not find!