I want to use astro to switch on/off a light at sunrise/sunset

With a clean installation of openhab3, I try to create a trigger to switch on a light, but after installing Astro binding, and adding sun thing:

UID: astro:sun:sol
label: Sol
thingTypeUID: astro:sun
  useMeteorologicalSeason: false
  interval: 300

when I try to create a channel, I can’t because There is no profile available for the selected item.
Should I install/enable something else? Should my Astro group be of special type?

Thanks in advance

You misunderstood the astro binding and the information available.
the sun raise event is a trigger channel, that can be used directly in rules, without the need to create additional items.
Creating the rule, select the trigger even with value „START“ and the rule will fire when sunrise starts.

It worked! Thanks a lot.