Ical-Binding Download Frequency

One question in general to ical-binding:
Does anybody knows how the ical-binding works?

If the download was ok, openhab / ical-Binding has all calendar entries locally
stored. (Is this correct?) It can then process all coming events, without the need of a new download?
Example: I have entries in the calendar for the complete next month.
I then let openhab download the calendar and all events for the next month could be proceed?

My question belongs to how often is a download needed…

Yes the downloaded calendar is cached until a newer download has been done successfully. The download interval mainly depends on how often you’d expect changes. E.g. many users do use the plugin to retrieve trash collection calendars. These are quite unlikely to change so once a week or even less would be enough. If you instead use a calendar to steer heating for next two days something around half an hour is more reasonable.

That’s also why there is intentionally no default. Some providers also use some lockout mechanisms if downloading frequently.

Just think how often you’d expect changes and enter half the time as rule of a thumb.

Thanks, that answers my questions.
I use it to control my heating and my blinds.
So one download a day or a week is enough, because the normal flow stays the same.

One last question.
Is there a way to do an initial download?
Previously I had an interval of 60 minutes.
than i changed cal entries and set the interval to 6 hours.
After that I disabled the thing and enabled it again.
but the first download of the items is done after 6 hours.
I think so, because the changes on items due to the calendar was done in the night. If the download would be done directly after restarting the thing the items should be changed before midnight.