iCalendar Automatic schedule is very, very long

I have just started playing arounf with the iCalendar bindig and i think i have a smal problem.

The bridge has the option to set the update interval. This interval should be in minutes and so i enterd 15 just for testing.

In the debig log i get the following message:

20:40:22.740 [DEBUG] [dar.internal.handler.ICalendarHandler] - Scheduled update in 224378 seconds

If i see it right the update interval is about 2.5 days. A little long i think.
What am i doing wrong?


You are doing nothing wrong (or maybe running a binding in debug mode without testing if it runs fine normally :wink: ).

refreshTime is the interval the calendar gets downloaded. After download it will be reloaded and the time to the next change in the channels (that’s what this log message means) will be refreshed also. In this case the next event begins or the current ends at ~ 10:00 two days later (~20:40 + ~63,3h).

Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately the Binding does not give much information for searching what is wrong.

But finally i managed to switch on and off a light.