iCalendar Binding failing OH3


I have changed my calendars from the old v1 binding to the v3 binding. However, I do not get a result in my items.

This is my thing. The link and the password work fine.

Bridge icalendar:calendar:openhabcal    "Kalender Openhab" @ "Globe" [ url="https://xxx.xxx/remote.php/dav/calendars/openhab/openhab_shared_by_danst/?export", refreshTime=60, username="openhab", password="xxx"]
Thing  icalendar:eventfilter:openhabtomorrow "Tomorrows events" (icalendar:calendar:openhabcal) [ maxEvents=1, datetimeUnit="DAY", datetimeStart=1, datetimeEnd=2, datetimeRound=true ]

This is my item. However, it stays undef, even though the Bridge and Thing are ONLINE.

String   current_event_name       "current event [%s]"                       <calendar> { channel="icalendar:calendar:openhabcal:current_title" }

Any ideas?


Cant say why it doesn’t work, check the logs, the downloaded calendar (in userdata/cache)…
Are there events shown in the Bridge?

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