[iCalendar] Command Tags not working

I am pulling a ical calendar in from Google Calendar and from the binding channels it is pulling events in correctly but no actions are preformed. The descriptions look like this:


I have tried with and with out a Authorization Code.

Any help would be appreciated. Also where is a log I can post located on Linux if that can help.

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The same for me, i am on 3.0.1

The same with 2.5, maybe because i am using a google calendar?

Found the solution: in Google Calender remove the HTML format



d`oh, how stupid. But yes, this is the solution


log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.icalendar

I still have
Command Tag Trace: "<html-blob>BEGIN:Shuko1_Switch:ON<br>END:Shuko1_Switch:OFF<br></html-blob>" => NOT a (valid) Command Tag!

how can html removed from body?