Icalendar eventfilter no events in 2023 since update to OH 3.3

Hi everybody!
I updated from OH 3.0.? to 3.3. Before the update the icalendar and eventfilter binding worked without problems. The next three events were displayed (also events which are in 2023).


UID: icalendar:calendar:91ac948315
label: MĂĽllkalender
thingTypeUID: icalendar:calendar
  maxSize: 16
  url: https://calendar.google.com/************
  refreshTime: 15


UID: icalendar:eventfilter:91ac948315:81bb3bceb8
label: Terminfilter
thingTypeUID: icalendar:eventfilter
  maxEvents: 3
  textValueType: TEXT
  datetimeStart: 0
  datetimeUnit: HOUR
  refreshTime: 15
bridgeUID: icalendar:calendar:91ac948315

Since updating to OH 3.3 only the next event is shown. The other two stay UNDEFINED. The next event is in 2022, the others in 2023.

When deleting datetimeStart three events are shown, but starting with the first event in the calendar (which is in 2020).

I also added datetimeEnd: 2160 to force the next three month, but this didn’t change anything. I also cleared the cache and reinstalled the binding. I also set up a completely new calendar Bridge + eventfilter. So it semms eventfilter doesnt recognise events in the next year. Any help apprechiated!

Solved! It was my fault. I missed to sync my local calendar with google :face_with_hand_over_mouth: