iCalendar Filtering - Minute not working

Hey there,

I try to use the eventfilter of the icalendar binding to enable a rule to start running if the calendar event starts now. For this I tried the following:

The Calendar-Binding is refreshing every minute
I added a filter for Events with that configuration:

UID: icalendar:eventfilter:YYYY:XXXXX
label: Calendar Events Testfilter
thingTypeUID: icalendar:eventfilter
  maxEvents: 1
  textValueType: TEXT
  refreshTime: 1
  datetimeStart: 0
  textEventValue: Test
  textEventField: SUMMARY
  datetimeUnit: MINUTE
bridgeUID: icalendar:calendar:XXXXX

Based on the Documentation I would expect that the value of ‘datetimeStart’ with the datetimeUnit ‘MINUTE’ would tell the filter that it only updates the value on the Time of the event in the Calendar

My Testdata:
Today - now it is 10 o´clock

I add a event for 11:30

I expect: Update of the item on 11:30
I get: Update of the item on the next possible calendar update (10:01)

Is there anyone who can help me?


Hi Thomas,

the Eventfilter is only able to show Events in Future (in relation to the configured time). The normal presence shows, whether an event is currently present. You could use either a separate calendar (filtering by hand) with the specific events or the regular channels inside your rule to filter, given there is no overlap. You can also set states directly using event tags inside the description.

There is a PR open to make everything easier and more powerful, however there seems to be no capacity for a real review. You can grab the binary, if you want to test it or build it yourself.

Please consider writing findings or approvals in the PR which may push it a little bit.


thanks for your reply. I now fixed my issue with some filters and cron jobs - a little heavy for that what I want to do but it is working. Perhaps I´ll find some time in the winter holidays to check the MRs in the plugin locally :slight_smile:

Best wishes