iCalendar: not showing recurrent appointments

I do have an issue with iCalendar (successful connected iCloud-Calendar):
If there are recurrent appointments in my calendar the binding only shows the first item. The next day appointment is not shown anymore.
To give an example: there is an entry “vacation” in my calendar with a “from” and a “to” date (e.g. 7 days) - but iCalendar shows only the first date.
Is there a workaround to see all 7 vacation appointments?
regards, Kai

In iCalendar you can see the calendar entries. Your entry “vacation” is only one appointment from 03.02. until 10.02. to that extent it is correct. If you create a separate entry for each day (i.e. for 03.02., 04.02., …) you will also get the appointments (one entry per day) in the iCalendar.

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@uk59821 is right. Multiple day appointments are still only single ones. If iCalendar shows the begin and end right, it behaves as designed. The presence will still be applied right.

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thanks for your feedback, @uk59821 and @damihe.
Your answers helped me to find a solution.

Instead of using for recurrent appointments the “from-to” fields the “repeat” feature solved it:

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