iCalender binding does not work without DTEND


the iCalendar binding is very helpful to control automations. And it works very good with google calendar integration.

But when I start to integrate the web calendar of “Stadtreinigung Hamburg”, the calendar thing is even online but no event is shown (UNDEF).

The calendar of Stadtreinigung Hamburg has no DTEND node.
example: https://backend.stadtreinigung.hamburg/kalender/abholtermine.ics?hnIds=111111

Pasting the DTEND node in every event manually in the ICAL-file will fix it.
Unfortunately only up to the start of the refresh process.

I know, there is no support any more for OH 2.5.12 - but is this behavior fixed on OH 3.x?

Kind regards

This is something i was not aware it’s possible. But it is:

So no, currently this is not fixed, i can do, but it’ll take time.

Hi Michael,
thanks for your reply.
So there is no urgent reason for me to upgrade to OH 3.x at once
Kind Regards