iCalender Binding Eventfilter explanation

successfully got the binding to work for all my calendars.
now I want the garbage calendar to trigger three different items for each of the garbage collectors.
therefore I configured an eventfilter calender and set a filter for the garbage names “Biomull, Papiermull, Restmull”. unfortunately this filter only works for one single textEventValue, but not two or three… all calender items remain UNDEF
is my search syntax wrong or does the eventfilter only works for a single Value? what is the alternative, create a separate eventfilter calendar for each garbage???

UID: icalendar:eventfilter:xxxx:Biomull
label: Kalender Filter Mull
thingTypeUID: icalendar:eventfilter
  maxEvents: 3
  textValueType: TEXT
  refreshTime: 5
  datetimeStart: 0
  textEventValue: Biomull, Papiermull, Restmull
  textEventField: SUMMARY
  datetimeUnit: DAY
bridgeUID: icalendar:calendar:xxxx

Change the textValueType from text to regex and apply a valid regex if you want to have all three events in one filter thing.

If you want an event filter thing for each garbage collection separately, just enter e.g. “Papiermull” and it should work.

With the current config the event filter is looking for a calendar record, that has “Biomull, Papiermull, Restmull” as one single string, their you do not get a result.

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sounds logical :wink:
I changed from TEXT to REGEX and inserted
in the searchfield… to my own surprise it immediately worked!

can you help me with an exclude regex for my other calendar. I want to get all events except Biomull, Papiermull and Restmull…
I tried ^(Biomull|Papiermull|Restmull).*$ but that does not seem to work:

calendar changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (CONFIGURATION_ERROR): Text filter settings are not set properly.

I’m not the regex expert but something like


Should work

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thanks Matthias,
your regex syntax is correct…

another strange issue came up. I`d like to list the next 3 events from the event filter calendar. unfortunately I get three events from some future events during the year, but definitely not the next three ones.

I also tried to list “next event title” from the bridge calendar, same issue, this is not the next event from the calendar. I’m using google calendar and used the privat url from the google calender properties…

Which events are you seeing? Is it the 2nd next event instead of first event or event no. 100 that should happen in may?

Maybe manually download your ical file to see what’s included in the file.

Also if it’s a full day event for same day, eventfilter will skip it, was the start date is already in the past.