iCloud Air Tag

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I just received Air Tags. Working great if i want to keep an eye on my bike on my iphone. It would be lovely, if i can move that functionality into Openhab.

If test personal is needed to this add to that binding change, the let me know.

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I support this idea as well :slight_smile:

Would be a great idea! Would love to use it to tell my home that my dog is at home, so not all lights are shut down when I leave. :slight_smile:

any news about this?
would like to use an airtag as a goelocation tool.
currently i use my phone (geofancing) to open the garage door as soon as I come home and my car is not in the garage. So the house asuems that I’m coming home with my car. But had it some situation now where it was not the case, for example when the car was for repair or I went out for a night with some friends but came home with a taxi instead of my own car. So in both cases garage opened… especially for the second scenario I didn’t noticed that the garage opened :smiley:

So my I idea was to use a airtag and keep it in the car. So garage door only opens when the air tag is coming home.

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Slightly old thread but I’ll add my +1 to this functionality. I can’t code the binding but I’d be happy to test.

Another +1, would be nice if AirTags are supported


unfortunately Apple does not provide any Air tag data via the iCloud API.
Personally I have a little daemon running on my Mac that reads the local cache files of the Find-My app and publishes the wanted information to mqtt broker. This published information can be easily fetched in openHAB.
This requires that you have your Mac always running and also the Find-My app needs to be running

Here is a little python script (it is not mine) that does exactly the same: GitHub - muehlt/home-assistant-findmy: A python script that reads local FindMy cache files to broadcast device locations (including those of AirTags, AirPods, Apple Watches, iPhones) to Home Assistant via MQTT.

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