iCloud binding: delayed presence detection


I am using the iCloud binding to detect the presence of an iPhone and hence its owner.

I have door sensors and want OpenHAB to notify me if a door is opened while I am not in. However, the problem is that the binding generally works, but its presence detection will always have some delay. The binding defaults to an auto-update interval of 5 minutes. Of course this can still be reduced somewhat but you need to keep some interval for the battery not to be drained too quickly. And, if returning quickly, you will even then run into the same problem and the system will create an alert as the door is opened before presence is detected.

My only idea would be not to send an alert immediately but start a timer instead if a door is opened with no presence detected and only after the timer has expired and still no presence has been detected an alert will go off. However, this seems like a complex and risky solution - does anybody run a better implementation of presence detection instead?

Thanks, Torsten

Add additional ways to detect the presence of the iPhone which work more quickly. For example, scanning for BT devices and the Network Binding.

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Indeed, Rich is right. Try combining with another presence detection method. And this in combination with a delay as you mention is a very good strategy. A bit more complex but prevents false positives. Myself I use the Unifi binding in combination with door sensor and motion detection

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