iCloud Location "Last Updated" - is that the last refresh from iCloud or last actual location update?


I’m hoping someone can confirm what I believe to be true, but have been unable to determine definitively through research.

With the iCloud binding now working perfectly after the recent update (yay, thank you!), I’ve paired to my account and set the refresh interval to 5 mins. Seems fine, and in my testing I’ve set a script to capture “how many minutes since the last refresh” and pop this into an item. I was expecting to see it range anywhere from 1-5 mins - mostly, that is the case:

It pops up to an interval of just under 9 mins at times.

That lead me to wonder … is the time representative of:

  • The time that the binding sought fresh data from iCloud - and therefore sometimes the update interval exceeded 5 mins (this is what I expect to be the case).
  • The actual location update time that iCloud has for my phone, and the binding is retrieving this timestamp when it retrieves the location?