Icon Mapping across a mapped transformation

Above is a screenshot of my 3 day weather forecast. I’m trying to get the icon to reflect the state.
The state is derived from the uk metoffice xml and is mapped as a string item from a code to the string.
I have a transformation map that maps the state eg Cloudy to an icon myweather-cloudy


sitemap example


icons work for openweather which I use for current but nor forecast conditions.

Do I need use the original weather condition value (ie 0-19) or is there another reason this isnt working?

I think you have to tell us more, it’s not clear.
Is your working ‘conditions’ Item a string type? Or is it number, with a MAP to descriptive text? What about forecast type?

raw data from met office is a number (0 to 19) - MAP to descriptive text 0=Clear Sky

And the Items involved are … and their states are …

The bit of info you probably need is that dynamic icons are selected based on raw Item state, transformations are not taken into account.

That’s what I was wondering
item - from website using xpath to resolve xml to a numeric value

String W_Type1 "Weather [MAP(weather.map):%s]" {http="<http://....


Text item=W_Type1 label="Weather Conditions" icon="myweather"

Sorry cant copy and paste as at work have no direct access to files

So if myItem.state has string value of “19” I would expect it to use icon myweather-19.png and if not available to see myweather.png