Icons - Dynamic Icons and Keypad

Searching for dynamic icons I came across this post. Looks like there was an option to specify dynamic icons in sitemaps and later was retracted. Is there any further update on this?

Also, I use alarmdecoder and it would be great to have a keypad widget. This was suggested here. But it’s been 2 years and no updates on this. It would be really good to have a widget. If someone can tell me how to contribute, I can spend some time on this.

No. This was rejected at the time as other concepts were considered a better approach. I don’t think this will now be implemented in OH1 but there will I think be a mechanism in OH2.


@chris Is that for dynamic icons? What about a keypad widget? UI is just horrible with(out) it :frowning:

Yes, sorry, this was just in relation to the icons - I’m not really aware of the keypad widget…