Icons in OH2 / Basic UI

Hi there - just being new to Openhab2 - i have a little question.

I want to modify the build-in icons - but can´t find them in openhab folder structure.
There is simply no *svg and no *.png file.

Could you tell me. where these files are hidden?

And next question - if i change an icon how could i get this in the mobile apps (e.g. habdroid).

Thanks for helping


This is what I read at Kai’s Blog:

The whole directory structure has been overhauled - there are now three main folders: "runtime" containing the binaries and other content that is needed to run the system. "conf", which holds all your personal configurations and customizations (such as e.g. custom icons). "userdata", which is the only directory that the system actively writes to (log files, databases, etc.). This new structure makes system upgrades much easier and also facilitates the installation on embedded systems where one does not want to use flash memory for continuously writing logfiles etc.

See here.

Ok, I don’t get this.
I have my svg icons in the classic folder(items/icons/classic)
In the site map I put: (referring to the EcoBeeHumidity.svg file>
Text item=EcoBeeHumidity label=“EcoBeeHumidity [%s %%]”
When I inspect it in firefox, i see:

The Item is a number item…I’m trying to set this icon as my own custom one, but it seems to want to use a nonexistant “number icon”