Icons not updating since Version 2.12.0

Hello @all,

since the last openHAB App Update 2.12.0 from 19.03.2020 for Android Devices, the icons don’t update automatically anymore.
For example, I change a switch item from OFF to ON, but the standard icon (power-icon) doesn’t change from red to green. After refreshing manually, the icon changes like expected.

I tried downgrading the App to the last released version 2.11 => and it still works, Icons are updating automatically again.

I tested this with two mobile phones => Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8

Did anybody else noticed this behaviour?

Many thanks and best regards


That’s a known and already fixed bug (https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/issues/1874). Currently there’s an issue with the play store, so I cannot upload the new apk.

You should receive the update now.

Many thanks for your fast reply!
Works great for me :wink:

Best regards