Icons not updating since Version 2.12.0

Hello @all,

since the last openHAB App Update 2.12.0 from 19.03.2020 for Android Devices, the icons don’t update automatically anymore.
For example, I change a switch item from OFF to ON, but the standard icon (power-icon) doesn’t change from red to green. After refreshing manually, the icon changes like expected.

I tried downgrading the App to the last released version 2.11 => and it still works, Icons are updating automatically again.

I tested this with two mobile phones => Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8

Did anybody else noticed this behaviour?

Many thanks and best regards


That’s a known and already fixed bug (https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/issues/1874). Currently there’s an issue with the play store, so I cannot upload the new apk.

You should receive the update now.

Many thanks for your fast reply!
Works great for me :wink:

Best regards

Could this still be a problem?
On my Note 9
In OpenHAB 2.12.1 this seems to work fine.
In OpenHAB Beta 2.12.14 beta, icons don’t get updated.

Hey @denbartman,
On my devices icons are updated when the state of the Item changes.
Do you have data saver mode enabled? This can be enabled by the system wide data saver or by the setting in the openHAB app.
Do you see a snackbar with “Event subscription failed, widget refresh may be impaired”?

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You are right.
Data saver was enabled.
Only the non beta was added to the list of exceptions.
Adding the Beta to the exception list solved the problem.