Icons on Locations page cards

Windows 10, OH 3.4.2

So, I’m making huge progress. But have two new questions (of course!)

  1. I have “lights” that show their state on the Locations cards. The icon either exists with a white light bulb, or doesn’t exist at all if the light is off. From the UI (not modifying code) can I change this to a white light and yellow (for on) for instance? Even if I have to create my own icons?

  2. I have added a SONOFF Door switch. Easy. State is detected, no problem. However, I can’t get it to show on the Locations Card. In the DEMO (which has no underlying “thing” to look at since - it doesn’ really exist) it shows the semantic group as Equipment_Door. I can get to Equipment. But no sub group door, and no group called Equipment_Door.

My Item Edit screen. (The demo shows the class as Equipment_Door)


No, this is how the location card is designed, showing a white Icon if one or more lights are on, not showing any icon if all lights are off.

Don’t know why you can’t see it, but Equipment Door definitely exists

Geez. I’m thinking WAY too deep. Sigh.

Essentially by checking Equipment, I was doing Equipment Equipment.

I’ll go back and hide in my hole.


No, feel free to ask. Maybe we identify lack o f documentation and can improve it by thoose questions.

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