ICS-2000 compatible with Zigbee - How to setup

Hello all, as a beginner I am reading and trying a lot. Sometimes with success but a lot of pain most of the time. :wink:
I have a CoCo ICS-2000 control center. This device is Zigbee compatible. But what Binding should I use and how do I bind the ICS-2000. Or do I only bind the lamps etc as a thing?
Please who can help me out here to understand? Thanks!

There is no API for the ICS-2000 so there is no way for OH to communicate with it. So you can either get a supported Zigbee coordinator, remove them from the ICS-2000 and join them to the new coordinator and use the Zigbee binding. Or you can wait for the company that makes the ICS-2000 to publish an API.

Thanks Rich. Not the answer I hoped for but at least now I know.