IDE/git Setup to Develop Simultaneous Bindings

I currently have two branches of the openhab-addons repo, one for each binding I’m working on. What is the best practice to switch eclipse back and forth between the two bindings? I tried branching the openhab-distro repo so I would have unique runtime configuration settings for each binding (things, items, sitemap, etc) along with two unique eclipse workspaces. This approach is creating a lot of issues within eclipse. As of right now it won’t even show the project in the tree. When I attempt to import and existing maven project, it says its already exists. Any pointers would be appreciated.


This might be due to filtering in the project view. Click on the dots in the bar on the project view there is an option to select what is shown. Like working set.

Regarding best practices. It’s probably a personal preference. But I install a new eclipse for each binding I work on. This allows me to just keep uncommited changes lingering around and allows me to switch easily between bindings.

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I do exactly the same. Having an Eclipse instance for every binding makes things a lot easier.

Thanks for the help guys. That makes perfect sense. I’ve got two new instances installed. Now onto to setting up the repos.