IDE setup problems - Eclipse on MacOS Catalina

I’m trying to get started with add-on development and I keep getting snagged. I’ve tried a few times to setup eclipse and I keep having problems (this includes trying to setup the IDE on a different computer ~6 months ago and giving up after needing to put my attention elsewhere). I tried again today and I’m once again stuck. I’m running MacOS Catalina and I have tried setting up environments for both openhab 2.5 and 3 using the directions on the openhab website but I keep getting hundreds of build errors. Further, the addons repo doesn’t seem to import into Eclipse even though the repo clones successfully (ie OH Add-Ons appears in the Eclipse project explorer but it can’t be expanded). I’m not really sure what is going wrong and any suggestions would be appreciated.

I used OpenJDK 8 with OH2.5 and tried using JDK11 with OH3. I’m stumped. Anyone got some tips for me.

Did you read the documentation carefully? Unfortunately it’s not straightforward in there, but if you want to do add-on development dont include openhab-core. And add-ons are not imported by default. You need to manually import an add-on from the directory that is installed (as is described in the documentation)

Gotcha, I’ll give it another shot without importing openhab-core, I definitely was selecting that every time. I’ll see if that solves the issue and follow up. Thanks for the tip.

I used to have problems setting up Eclipse for add-on development, moved to Visual Studio Code (yesterday!), used the documented setup and got it working.

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