Idea: Automatically show log content when saving a rule

Whilst reading a thread @rlkoshak mentioned about monitoring the openhab server log whenever you make changes to a rule…
I had the idea that perhaps it would be possible for VScode to automatically tail the log - greping the rule and possibly items contained in the rule file when it was saved…thus helping show anything that may be wrong with the rule…

Not sure if its possble, just an idea

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Hey @greg,

A bit late for an answer, but i just saw this thread for the first time.
Actually the idea of logging presentation is written down one of the oldest issues in the extension github repo.

I am sure it would be possible in some way.

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I use the logreader binding to send me errors from the log. If I save a rule and there is an error reported in the log, logreader picks it up and a pushover rule will send it to my phone immediately.