Idea for a new binding

Hello, can someone tell me if it is possible to suggest ideas for new bindings somewhere?

I would like to integrate my fish tank PC into my smart home, but unfortunately I have no idea about programming.
It’s an open source project and the source code is on github.

That would really be a dream to have this in openHAB but it will stay one right?

We have a bounty program, but for the most part developers work on whatever developers are interested in.

You don’t need a binding if there’s another way to communicate with the fish tank, such as MQTT.

The docs are a bit beyond my ability to translate German, but It looks like there are CLI commands available to control it. If so, you should be able to use something like the exec binding to execute the appropriate commands when you need to.

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Thanks 4 the quick answers. I would try MQTT or exec binding.