[Idea] PC as a smart home device

We all know this scenario:
You want to control a device (actuator) or get some information from it (sensor) but the device is dumb.
The next step is to make it smart (DIY, esp8266) or to buy a smart version of it (smart light bulb, etc.)

But did you ever notice that the smartest device in your home cannot (easily) be connected to your smart home either?
I am talking about your PC (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Of cause there are ways like using the exec-Binding if openHAB is running on your Desktop or using some kind of SSH-magic to execute commands.

But I think it would be great if there was some kind of daemon/service that can be installed in the PC and offers a standard interface (like mqtt) to act as an actuator and sensor.

Information to publish to your smart home

  • get information about the system (like monitoring)
    • cpu load, RAM usage, disk usage, cpu temp
  • get current states
    • what programs are running?
    • what program is in the forground
    • restarting, shutting down, on, off
    • user X is logged in
    • lock screen active

Actions to subscribe to

  • start program X
  • lock screen
  • shutdown/restart/suspend system
  • execute custom commands

Possible use cases

  • turn on monitor (via smart plug) if PC has been started
  • turn off monitor if shutting down
  • mute radio, turn on lights when Zoom app is active/in foreground
    • or when webcam is activated
  • shutdown PC when I am leaving home

I think mqtt would be the prefered protocol, because this could be used for other home automation software too and would not need a dedicated binding.

What do you think?
Would this be useful to you?
Any other ideas or hints?

I am not a developer.
So I am hoping someone would like this idea that much, he or she starts developing such an application. :smile:

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For servers, there’s sysinfo, http, exec binding, etc.
A PC is a frontend client, neither sensor nor actuator. It does not run 24/7.
Windows or Linux can do better than OH scripting can, and you will change programs, desktop looks and use habits faster than it takes to keep up with your attempt to automate. It is nonsense to try automating. If you have the spare time, feel free, but don’t expect others to join your lonely choire.

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Install openHAB on it and use MQTt to connect instances :smiley:
There are already system addons.

You can also use SNMP to query most operating systems on PCs. For Windows you need to install the feature and possibly adjust its firewall.

ohhh back in 1980-1990, monitors used to be connected to the PC’s power supply so when it’s turned off, the monitor turns off too. Now it’s just detecting the hdmi signal and goes into sleep / standby mode. My monitor however, doesn’t automatically turn on / wake up from its sleep when I turned my computer on. Oh well.

This could be handy for those who use zoom. Not me.

PCs should go into sleep mode after a period of inactivity anyway.

Got any other ideas?

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I belive it could be a good start…


Awesome. :astonished:

This sounds exactly like what I wanted.
I will look into it.