Ideas how to verify all hue lights went to correct state

Curious I have not thought of a good way the things I tried have not worked. What I was looking to do is detect if all lights switched when I send a command. Here is the scenario. I command six hue lights off a very small amount of the time only 5 go off.

I thought the binding would flag this but I did not see it in logs. My site map thinks it is off so I have not been able to see how a rule would work. I have a very low priority to fix this as it is a minor issue. I thought maybe I could ask here for some feedback. Maybe someone has a clever solution.

Have you tried using Thread::sleep(500) after your rule switches off 3 then wait and send the next 3?


Setup a scene in the hue app then call it with a rule. I use both methods and it works to not overload the hue bridge.

//Tropical Twilight
    if (receivedCommand==1) {
		val String bridgeURL = ""
		val String scene_id = "jTEwrjAkkGt06wb"
		val String scene_group = "1"
		sendHttpPutRequest(bridgeURL + "groups/" + scene_group + "/action", "application/json", '{"scene": "' + scene_id + '"}')
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The first option won’t work the way I have my channels setup. I have all channels in one item. I can reconfigure items though and do it.

The second on would be an option. I was unaware you could do this! I will look at that more.