Idee for InterTechno Dimmer integration

Hey guys,

i am struggling with the integration of a InterTechno dimmer. I wanted to use the exec binding like I did in Openhab 1. Unfortunately the binding changed. So for the normal switches I now use a rule which sends 1 or 0 to a Number Item which is combined with the Exec thing. The thing fires if the Number changes. For the dimmer unfortunately I need the 1 for starting the dimming process as well as for stopping it. 0 is for light off. So if I start dimming with 1, the Number Item is set to 1 and the thing fires the command. But now, if I want to stop the dimming process and the Number Item is still 1 there is no Item Change and the thing doesn’t fire the command.

Maybe you have a kind solution for this, cause I haven’t.

Best Regards to all of you.

This sounds like something that needs to be implemented in a Rule.

NOTE: You can install and use the 1.9 SNAPSHOT version of the Exec binding which will work exactly the same way as the version you are used to using in OH 1.x.