IDS X64 Alarm Integration

Good day All.
I currently have this alarm installed at my flat that I am doing the Automation And want to know if there is a way to integrate it with my open tab setup ?

it has serial pins on the controller board. do I need the usb ids interface module to communicate to it. or is there a other way. I want some intelligence from it. I wanted to use the relay outs to se status. but I read up on the system and want so much more from it now.
want control of the alarm from openHAB as well . is there hope ?

HYYP Controll :
IDS x64 Programer :
Alarm Panel :

Unless a programmer with knowledge on IDS starts working on this I doubt there is hope. I use the HYYP module on my x64 IDS which works well with the HYYP app but I wanted to arm/disarm using Siri so I used Sonoff Tasmota switches on a relay via OpenHab/HomeKit to get Siri support. Sure I have the HYYP app but I’d like to arm/disarm using Siri. App development on the HYYP app is slow, there is so much more IDS could offer if they spent more on the app development, like widgets, siri/google integration, 3d touch to name a few features. Of course full OH integration would be amazing.

Hi. I thought it might be a lost case. but as soon as my construction is finished I will get on it and se what I can do. I ordered my coms module and also the hyyp unit. so hopefully I can get part of it in to openhab. but will start a post once I can start with it. then we can maybe get more info and get a binding for it.

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