If you want to stay with 3.4 use "apt-mark hold openhab"

Just noticed that OpenHAB 4.0.0 is now suggested as an upgrade with APT in Armbian. Accepting the suggested upgrade would now install OH 4.

If you are like me and want to wait for a few dot releases before you take the step to 4.0, you can use apt-mark to “freeze” your OpenHAB version at 3.4 while you still can upgrade the rest of your system

sudo apt-mark hold openhab

Should do the trick.


Also openhab-addons

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Beware: holding back a package will prevent you from minor updates or security fixes as well. Better use pinning by creating /etc/apt/preferences with the following contents:

Package: openhab
Pin: version 4*
Pin-Priority: -1

You can check which version will get installed by running:

sudo apt-cache policy openhab